What to Expect

Unique Sessions

During your family photography session you will experience a relaxed and enjoyable process. Sessions are loosely guided, when needed, to allow your family to connect while doing something you love to do together or haning out on a typical day. Engaging with one another with out guidance allows your family to interact naturally resulting in genuine emotions and heart felt connections to radiate outward, resulting in authentic images that tell your unique story. 

I offer two Documentary sessions 2 and 4 hours. In both sessions I candidly photograph your family. Sessions are unscripted, and instead revolve around capturing your family the way you currently are, in an artistic and creative way.  These sessions are 100% for you and your family. Images that can be looked back on and remind you of who you were at that time.
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Working Together

  Getting in Touch

  • Once you decide you would like to work together, contact me through my contact form here.

  • After receiving your inquiry through my contact form, I will respond within one business day answering any questions and to set up a phone consultation to go over your session.


  • During your consultation, we will discuss your family and your unique session. We will also discuss the day and time you are interested in and what to expect from me. This is also a great time to ask any questions you may have about Documentary photography.

Becoming Offical

  • After agreeing we are a great fit I will send a PayPal request for 50% of your session total, this locks in your date and time. (A final payment would be due the day of the shoot.) Once this has been completed and your contract has been signed your date and time will be official.

Final Turnaround

  • One week after your session I will provide a link to your personal gallery where you will be able to choose which images you would like to download and have printed. I also have options for printed photo books that tells your story.

   Don’t need a photographer today, but interested
in working together in the future? 

  • If you love what you see, but you're not quite ready to hire a photographer,
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Documentary Sessions

What to wear

  • Sessions are all about the real you, so whatever you would usually wear on a typical day.

  • Locations are 100% up to you. Hanging out at the house, playing in the backyard, taking a walk to your favorite ice cream shop. Whatever is special to you and your family.

Posed Photos

  • Documentary photography is all about unscripted and authentic images. However, I do like to capture at least one image of your family standing or sitting together in a natural pose. 
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